An unexpected error (0x65) has occurred

You may get the error message “An unexpected error (0x65) has occurred.” When you try to make changes to the Hibernate setting. Hibernate is the idle state of Windows and we have previously reported on how you can switch Hibernate mode on and off in Windows .

Here is the exact error message that appears when we click on the command

powercfg / hibernate on

wanted to turn on hibernate mode.

An unexpected error (0x65) has occurred

The exact error message is:

The operation cannot be carried out. An unexpected error (0x65) occurred: An error occurred while executing the function.

At first glance, it is not so easy to see why error 0x65 occurred. However, relatively quickly we realized that it was due to the lack of permissions. And that is exactly the solution to the problem.

Eliminate 0x65 error

To fix the 0x65 error, you have to call the MS-DOS command prompt or the PowerShell console as administrator . Just press the Windows key and the command


entered. Then right-click on the “ Command Prompt (Desktop App) ” and select “Run as administrator ”.

Run CMD as administrator

Now the command prompt has the necessary rights to activate Hibernate mode . In the figure below you can see how activating Hibernate mode works perfectly.

powercfg -hibernate on without error 0x65

Then the hibernate mode was activated, the 0x65 error code no longer occurred. In the PowerShell window, which has administrative rights, it works exactly as you can see here.

powercfg in the PowerShell console

Calling the PowerShell console as an administrator is analogous to calling the command prompt as an administrator.

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