Always empty the “Deleted Items” folder when you exit Outlook

Anyone who works with Outlook will know the problem that over time the folder

Deleted Items (or Deleted Items)

fills more and more and eventually has a size or size of several gigabytes. From a technical point of view, this is not a problem for Outlook, however, especially with local installation, the PST file becomes larger and the search through the folders also becomes slower.

In the company environment there is often an overall quota restriction on the entire Outlook mailbox. The size of the ” Deleted Items” folder also counts towards the total memory consumption of the Outlook mailbox . Since the user can usually do without the deleted emails, this folder is often deleted manually.

But there is also a useful option in Outlook so that the “Deleted Items” folder is always emptied automatically when Outlook is closed. To activate this delete option in Outlook , you have to do the following.

Automatically empty deleted items

Call the point in Outlook


and subsequently


on. In the window that appears there are all available Outlook options. The option we are looking for is in the sub-area


as you can see in the picture below.

Empty Outlook Deleted Items folder when exiting Outlook

You will find the desired option in the ” Starting and exiting Outlook ” area.

Empty Outlook Deleted Items folder when exiting Outlook

By default, this option is not active. If you change this option, the changes will also take effect immediately. This means that after activating or selecting and exiting Outlook, your ” Deleted Items ” folder will be completely emptied.

Please note that this data is lost. The size of the PST file is therefore not less incidentally. If you would like to know how you can shrink your PST file , we recommend the following entry ” Shrink or compress Outlook PST file “.

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