Adjust the brightness of the screen in Windows 10

Windows 10 users who work with a tablet or notebook can also adjust the brightness of their display via Windows 10. Microsoft offers two ways to do this. In this short tutorial we want to show you how these options for brightness control look like.

Brightness via Windows 10 settings

Up to Windows 10 version 1903, it was only possible to change the screen brightness via the Windows settings. To do this, you first call the Windows Settings app using the known key combination

Windows logo and “I” on and then you switch to the area

System (display, notifications, sound, power supply)

You will then find yourself in the correct subfunction


and on the right side you will find the desired option

Change the brightness of the integrated screen

Brightness Windows 10 settings

Here you now have the option of setting between brightness levels 0 to 100 . In our example illustration, we have currently set a brightness of “63”.

You can also choose the option here

Automatically adapt brightness to changing lighting conditions

activate. This automatic brightness setting ensures that the screen remains legible even in different lighting conditions.

Adjust brightness via Windows 10 notification window

An innovation that was introduced with Windows 10 version 1903 is the brightness control of the monitor via the Windows 10 notification window. We have shown this to you as an example.

Brightness Windows 10 notification window

However, this brightness control is only displayed on hardware with Windows 10 that has an integrated display . Brightness control is not possible with externally connected monitors .

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