Activate the “Do you want to close all tabs” query in the Edge browser

If you use the Microsoft Edge Browser , you are probably familiar with the function of the tabs and the query to close all tabs when you try to close the Edge Browser. We have illustrated this query as an example below.

Do you want to close all tabs

The query appears when you close Edge

Do you want to close all tabs

You can also activate the query ” Always close all tabs ” so that this query will no longer appear in the future. But this is exactly a problem for many Windows users, because unfortunately this edge query can no longer be reactivated so easily. You can only reactivate this query regarding the closing of the tabs by changing the registry. How exactly this works you can read here below.

Activate the “Close tabs” query via the registry

After you have started the Windows registry editor “regedit.exe”, you have to open the following registry path

Computer HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Classes Local Settings Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion AppContainer Storage microsoft.microsoftedge_8wekyb3d8bbwe MicrosoftEdge Main

There are already numerous registry values ​​in this registry area. In our case, you have to adjust the following value.


We have also shown this to you here.


This ” AskToCloseAllTabs ” value can contain the following values:

0 = All open tabs in the edge are automatically closed when exiting.
1 = The query appears whether the tabs should be closed.

So if you want to receive the query to close the tabs again in the future, simply set this value to ” 1 “.

Incidentally, these changes become active immediately after you restart the Edge Browser. In this case it is not necessary to restart your Windows system.

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