Activate Dark Theme in Explorer in Windows 10 version 1809

We had already reported about the display of the dark theme in Windows 10 in our report ” Setting the dark theme in Windows 10 ” some time ago . With these settings, the Windows apps are displayed in a dark representation (dark theme) .

This dark display of Windows Apps and Windows Explorer is certainly getting used to, but there are a lot of users who want exactly this display and for this reason Microsoft has expanded the Dark Theme with Windows Explorer .

Activate Dark Theme in Windows Explorer

Unfortunately, the dark theme of Windows Explorer cannot be activated directly in the Explorer options, the dark display can only be activated centrally in the Windows settings for all Windows apps. After pressing the key combination

Windows settings

you next call the area

Personalization ” (background, lock screen, colors)

on. In the area


you will then find the desired setting point for the dark display, as can be seen here below.

Activate dark theme

If you select the ” Dark ” theme as the ” Standard app mode ” here , the settings app will also be visually changed. No further adjustments are necessary to activate the dark mode.

Now you can use the key combination

Start Windows Explorer

start Windows 10 Explorer, which now looks like this.

Windows 10 Explorer Dark Theme 1809

As already said, it is a matter of taste whether one likes the Windows Explorer in the normal display or in the dark theme display . Microsoft certainly has responded to this change to the many needs of Windows users and the introduction of the Dark themes still continue and other Windows programs in the Dark Theme mode publish. Let’s see what the upcoming feature updates for Windows 10 bring.

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