0xC19A0013 – Error code when using HP printers

Windows users who are using an HP ink printer may receive the error message when using the printer


receive. Depending on the type of printer, this error message is shown directly on the display of the printer or is output by the Windows printer driver. The error code 0xC19A0013 suggests that this is a problem with the ink cartridges is. HP support also points out that this error is usually not a print head error , but that there is a problem with the ink cartridges used.

Troubleshooting 0xC19A0013

To eliminate the error, you should first switch off the printer and disconnect the power cable from the printer . Then the printer cartridges have to be removed, depending on the system there are between 1 – 4 printer cartridges. Now you should clean the contact surfaces of the cartridges and the counter contacts of the HP printer. The easiest way to do this is with cleaning alcohol or with glass cleaner . Please make sure that you do not use too much and do not damage the print cartridge contacts or the HP ink printer.

After cleaning, you should leave the ink cartridges and the HP printer alone for a while so that everything can dry well again. Then please connect the power cable to the inkjet printer again and switch the printer on again. If an error message now appears, it simply indicates that no ink cartridges are installed.

Now you should gradually reinsert the individual, cleaned ink cartridges . It is good practice to briefly close the printer cover after each cartridge and thus wait a moment. Please also note whether and how the error message shown on the display changes. This can also provide information about a defective ink cartridge .

After all the ink cartridges have been reinserted , the error 0xC19A0013 should no longer appear. However, if the error code still appears on the display, you will probably replace all the ink cartridges in turn with new cartridges. We generally recommend that you only use original HP ink cartridges  , because the user usually has the least annoyance with them, even if they are considerably more expensive than NOT HP ink cartridges .

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