0xC000000F Windows boot error code

Windows boot problems can appear suddenly and without notice. So also the Windows boot error 0xC000000F , which we encountered in all common Windows operating systems. Here is an example of this error code 0xC000000F .

Error code 0xc000000f

The error message differs partially in the representation. The exact wording of the German error message 0xC000000F is:

The PC could not be started properly.
A required device is not connected or cannot be accessed.
Error Code: 0xC000000F You
must use recovery tools. If you do not have an installation medium (e.g. a data carrier or a USB device), contact the PC administrator or a PC / device manufacturer.

With an English Windows installation, the message can also look as follows.

boot bcd error code 0xc000000f

Here the error message is as follows

Your PC needs to be repaired
The Boot Configuration Data for your PC is missing or contains errors.
File: boot bcd
Error code: 0xc000000f
You´ll need to use the recovery tools on your installation media. If you don’t have any installation media (like a disk or USB device), contact your system administrator or PC manufacturer.

Fix boot error 0xC000000F

There are several things you should try to fix this error. We have listed the procedure in detail below for you. Attention: We accept no liability for any problems or data loss.

  • Turn off your PC, please completely disconnect it from the power supply and wait a short time.
  • Please separate all devices that are not essential for operation from the PC.
  • Then switch on the PC again and test whether the problem persists.

If so, then you should have your Windows medium ready and boot from it. Then the computer repair functions are called, as you can see below.

Computer repair options

The Windows 10 startup options will appear, as you can see here. In this option window you must now select ” Continue “.

Continue start options

After that, the ” Advanced Options ” will be visible, among other things, on the ” Start Help ” item , which you must now confirm.

Advanced options jump start

Then the Windows system to be checked is queried and then the diagnosis of the PC starts . Any errors and problems will be eliminated with this Windows start-up aid .

Diagnosis of the PC is carried out

At the end of the Windows diagnostic program, you will be informed of any measures or problems. If everything worked properly, you should now be able to start your Windows PC without the error message 0xC000000F .

If there are still problems, you still have the opportunity to repair the Windows component store . To do this, you have to repeat the same process as above, but after booting from Windows medium you have to select the “Command Prompt” option in the advanced start options. Then you should do everything that we have summarized in the article ” Repair Windows component store with DISM and PowerShell commands “.

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