0x80070020 error code during Windows update

The Windows Update error code 0x80070020 appears to be occurring again more frequently, as some readers tell us. That is why we want to deal with Error 0x80070020 again in more detail today . According to Microsoft, it is an error called


and this indicates that the Windows system used apparently ends the Windows update process because currently important system files are accessible . Due to the blocked file access, the Windows Update function is then not possible. Below we have shown you the original error message from update error 0x80070020 .


The following solutions are available for update error 0x80070020 .

Restart the Windows system

That is almost a matter of course, but we would like to mention it briefly. If files are accessible, a restart is recommended before reinstalling the Windows updates in order to close any locked files.

Disable Windows Defender

Apparently, several users who also had problems with error 0x80070020 temporarily deactivated Windows Defender and were then able to install the updates without any problems. Try it out if necessary and please tell us about your experience.

Windows firewall, tuning programs etc.

Unfortunately, the Windows Firewall or other programs can also be responsible for the error. With ” wf.msc ” you can briefly switch off the Windows firewall and check the updates again. Other programs, such as anti-virus programs , anti malware scanners , tuning programs , etc. can also be the cause of the blocked system files. To exclude these programs as culprits, you only have the option of stopping their activity for a short time or uninstalling the programs if necessary.

Microsoft help

Microsoft has published various solutions for Windows Update problems in a post . In this document, the Windows update errors in particular

0x80073712 , 0x800705B4 , 0x80004005 , 0x8024402F , 0x80070002 , 0x80070643 , 0x80070003 , 0x8024200B , 0x80070422 , 0x80070020

treated. You can find all the information you need in the Microsoft Knowledgebase article called ” Fix Windows Update issues “.

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